Meeting Minutes


Membership Meeting
Monday, September 23, 2019
Merlino’s Steakhouse Restaurant

Approximately 19 members present.
Call of order 5:50 PM by President Barry Gilman.
Secretary Report – 8/11/19 Membership Meeting by Holly Foster. Approved.
Treasurer Report – with current information by Diane Drew. $7070 income from car show; $4906.15
expenses; $2163.85 net. Approved. We discussed ways to increase revenue and our bottom line in
future car shows.
Discussion by President Barry
Grant Awards - Three grant awards are assigned. Two students went on schools and will be issued
checks after first semester passing grades are received.
Car Show Discussion –
• Need to increase net: Increase fees next year; advertise more; reclassify
• Change classification of cars: Committee to include Barry, Gordon, Lloyd, Steve and Jerry.
They will work on this over the winter and report back. The Committee will seek to modify the
classes and define who goes where.
• Classers/Judges should meet prior to show; more instruction needed; instruction sheet for all
• Classers could use sticky notes to help Parkers
• Possibly rearrange so everything is streamlined together: tents, DJ, food, 50/50
• More signage needed for visitor parking/admission, etc.
• Increase advertising: OCC website and Facebook helped [thank you Kevin]; post more flyers;
make certain our date in the cruise book of car shows [New England]; more info about Sat.
cruise for people esp. in newspaper ads
• 31 Signed up for jobs on web site; worked well; usage will increase next year.
• Jeff will not coordinate next year. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Jeff, for all your hard work!
• BIG THANK YOUs to all show workers before, during, and after.
• Thank you card to Hill’s RV coordinated by Diane.
• 4 thank you notes for Goody Bag items coordinated by Al sent out by Holly [mailed 10/14/19]
Events –
• Sunday, October 20, 2019 Car Show Appreciation Dinner at Merlino’s Restaurant; 5PM.
Voted for the club to pay for hors d’oeuvres and attendees will pay for our own dinners.
• Sunday, December 8, 2019 Christmas gathering/dinner at Stonehurst Manor. More info to
• Next year’s show date: Sunday Sept. 13, 2020 FYI – Old Orchard Beach’s show may be
changed to Saturday, Sept. 12, 2020, which could hinder our work force on Saturday.
• The Grand Hotel has approved 2020 show.
• Settler’s Crossing Cruise Nights for 2020 are all set up.
Other – next meeting date: TBA Annual Meeting/Election of Officers
Slate of Officers for 2020: Pres. Barry, Vice-Pres. Gordon, Treasurer Diane, Secretary Holly
Gayle will do PR
Adjournment 6:53 PM
Submitted by Holly Foster, Secretary

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