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Meeting Minutes


Annual Membership Meeting
Sunday, February 2, 2020
Lobster Trap Restaurant

Approximately 12 members present.
Call of order 3:10 PM by President Barry Gilman.
Secretary Report – 9/23/19 Membership meeting minutes by Holly Foster. Approved.
Meeting minutes are on our club web site for viewing.
Treasurer Report – Jan. 1, 2020 balance $12,763.18 by Diane Drew. Approved.
Discussion by President Barry
Advertising –
 Kevin Drew offered to contact Maine/NH cruise magazine to try to get the correct information
printed for 2020.
 Kevin would like to list other events/cruise nights from around the area on the Mt. Washington
Valley Old Car Club website [Google it! hf]. Russ will send information to Kevin.
Car Show Discussion –
 New manager at Settlers Green Grand Hotel has not yet approved the annual club show
location. Barry will follow-up.
 Committee meeting in March to review classification of cars: Committee includes Barry,
Gordon, Lloyd, Steve and Jerry.
 Thank you to Lloyd Drew for mowing field for car show.
 Thank you to Diane and Gayle for prizes.
 Thank you to Al for Goody Bag items.
 Need Car Show Coordinator for 2020 as Jeff has resigned. [Thanks again, Jeff, for all your
Election of Officers –
The following officers were voted for 2020:
 President – Barry Gilman, Vice President – Bob Hatch,
Secretary – Holly Foster, Treasurer – Diane Drew
Events –
 Monday Cruise Nights Settler’s for 2020 will be in the same location at Settler’s Crossing [Plan
A]. We can move to Settler’s Street Side location [Plan B] if the public traffic to too large to
use the parking lot at Settler’s Crossing. Kevin says OVP will work with us on either choice.
Other – next meeting date: Sunday, April 19, location TBA
Adjournment 3:30 PM
Submitted by Holly Foster, Secretary

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